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The Art Workers’ Inquiry is a group of art workers organizing to build power across New York’s vast arts industry. The inquiry group includes workers in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts—and we define art workers as anyone whose labor contributes to the artistic production process, so our occupations range from dancers to art handlers to bartenders at performance venues. Through our inquiry survey and our public events, the Art Workers’ Inquiry builds connections and strengthens bonds of solidarity between art workers with the ultimate goal of building a new, worker-run model of artistic labor. We can be reached at

The Political Education Working Group is responsible for organizing both public-facing and internal political education. We host public events, often with invited speakers, to discuss pressing issues that address various topics including borders, queer anti-capitalism, police abolition, organizing the 2019 NYC nurses strike, Marxist feminism and sex work, the life and work of Walter Rodney, capital and the family, and fighting deportations under the Trump administration. In addition to our public facing events, we also run a Capital reading group and coordinate political education presentations at our monthly general membership meetings.

The Transit Riders Union is a Red Bloom working group.

Crown Heights Service Industry Workers is a Black-led workers organization, based in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. We build solidarity among service industry workers in the bars and restaurants in Crown Heights in order to build power. We build power through relationships, mutual aid, and support, and then use this solidarity to fight back against racist dismissals and hiring practices, racist service policies, unsafe working conditions; to win job security and higher wages; and to build support for service workers among our customers. Since June 2020, we have also led or been instrumental in organizing a dozen marches and protests for Black Lives, against police terror, evictions, austerity, and racism more generally. These actions have been rooted in our community in Crown Heights and Central Brooklyn more broadly. We fight for a world where “every cook can govern,” in the worlds of C. L. R. James, we are a radically democratic collective and strive to build the leadership of every member.