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We are Communists: As communists, we call and work for the creation of a global classless and stateless society, free of all oppressive social relations such as white supremacy and gendered social relations. This society would equitably produce and distribute wealth by the principle of “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.” We believe that this can only happen through the revolutionary overthrow of the class societies in which we live, concomitant with the development of a new society. We reject all arguments for transitional stages as the goal – rather than the temporary product of – revolutionary class struggle.

We are Internationalists: Red Bloom is an internationalist communist organization. We understand that there can be no communist revolution without a global working class movement; organized not only at the national level, but in groups and parties which transcend borders. In practice, this means that we seek involvement with working class struggles wherever they may be, to the best of our abilities. It means we seek out and maintain relations with revolutionary organizations abroad, and seek to improve these relations by means of any and all of the following: discussion, writing, joint work, visits, participation and coordination of working class action. We seek to abolish borders and stand in solidarity with migrants and immigrants all over the world.

We are Marxist-Feminists: Capitalism is a contradictory totality, one which has developed historically to include and depend on oppressive gender relations, among other forms of oppression. Capitalism transforms family and gender relations toward the ends of capitalist social reproduction; the reproduction of individual worker and various family arrangements, the reproduction of the working class as whole, and ultimately the reproduction and accumulation of capital. Gender is a crucial axis by which work is organized in the labor market, and in the family; it is also an important logic for the organization of regulatory and coercive violence within the working class. Our practice emphasizes the role workers who are particularly exposed to and injured by the gender division of labor in formal employment, as well as in informal and unwaged work. This theoretical and organizing approach compels a rejection of both liberal feminist politics and of pseudo-materialist trans woman-exclusionary feminisims as not only errors of feminist principle but as barriers to working class self-organization.

Red Bloom is queer-friendly, anti-TERF, anti-SWERF (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist) and trans-inclusive. Red Bloom actively works in supporting proletarian struggles – struggles which are also our own – against gendered violence and oppression; we imagine and argue for a world in which our current gender identities will be transformed by communist revolution.

We are for Black, Brown, and Indigenous Liberation: Race is a complex global system for organizing labor markets, state violence and social reproduction which structures material inequalities — both in terms of wealth, as well as health and well-being — within the working class. The material effects of white supremacy and imperialism will not simply be abolished by bringing capitalism to an end. Constructions such as whiteness exist to draw a section of the working into identifying with the capitalist class against black, brown, and indigenous fellow workers. For this reason, overcoming racism and divisions within the working class are necessary in order to develop a viable revolutionary working class consciousness and movement.

From slave revolts that drove the revolutionary bourgeois democratic movements of 1700s and 1800s to the revolutionary movements of the 20th century, the black struggle for liberation has been the precursor to and vanguard of revolutionary class struggle. In the US, struggles waged by black, brown, and indigenous people against racial and national oppression have thrown millions of working class people into direct conflict with both the state and the capitalist class. Unionizing drives, strikes, and even direct armed conflicts were all common features of the old black and brown liberation movements from their beginnings through the more explicitly revolutionary oriented movements in the 70s. This historical role — which continues to this day — places special importance on black, brown and indigenous liberation struggles as a key site for developing a revolutionary working class.

We are Abolitionists: Policing and imprisonment are violent impediments to working class organization whose repressive forces especially target Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor, queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people. The dominant system of punishment and control in its many forms–including jails, prisons, detention centers, courts, police, immigration enforcement, and surveillance–cannot keep us safe and does not intend to. This system cannot be reformed, only abolished.

We understand abolition to be a simultaneously destructive and creative project central to the communist movement. We support all who are struggling to build genuine working class justice institutions to prevent and respond to violence.

We are for Transparency of Revolutionary Organizations: We seek to operate internally as transparently as possible. This means that information and documents pertinent to the group are made accessible to all members, and just as importantly, that all members are encouraged to participate in discussions pertaining to communist theory and organizing. In this way, we can avoid developing personality cults, hobbyism, disengagement, and or toleration of abusive personalities.

Red Bloom is a communist organization and will always engage publicly this way. We do not operate front groups, and are clear and direct about the need for communist organizing, revolution, and the necessity of the independence of the working class in struggle. Official joint work with other revolutionary organizations is done with the understanding that Red Bloom remains an independent communist organization, except in cases where we seek to merge.

We are for Working Class Independence: We believe that the organizational and political independence of the class is necessary for its self realization as the revolutionary subject. Many institutions and political formations within capitalist society –– such as social democrat parties, left electoral coalitions, union bureaucracies, pro-capitalist civil rights organizations, NGOs etc – either intentionally or not – work to restrict class struggle within the boundaries of the logic of capitalist legality. While many of these may sincerely be interested in improving the lives of workers, their methods – legal action, electoralism (usually in support of the Democratic Party in the US), lobbying, individual grievance filing – dissipate working class militancy and energy often resulting in failures or partial victories at best.

Moreover within trade unions and NGOs, the bureaucrats in charge of these organizations have over time developed their own set of interests independent of the workers. They must reproduce their own existence and maintain their organizations and relationships to the capitalist class to ensure this existence often at the expense of the workers. However this relationship between union bureaucrats (and some NGO bureaucrats) is an unstable one as the capitalist class fundamentally has no interest in maintaining trade unions and attack their existence at every chance they get. For these reason workers cannot just simply reform existing trade unions and must build independent working class organizations and institutions.

We also do not seek to take command of workers struggles or take leadership over various mass movements that see large working class involvement. We instead seek to strengthen the proletarian sectors of these movements.