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Red Bloom Communist Collective Statement on The Brutalization and Dehumanization of Our Comrades at the Hands of the 77th Precinct of the NYPD

August 1, 2021

Summary On Friday, July 23rd, a group of Brooklyn residents having a block party were savagely attacked and beaten by officers from the 77th Precinct, even as they complied with police orders to “clear the street.” Several of the revelers were held for over 16 hours at the precinct in filthy and dangerous conditions, without edible food or medical attention for their “officer-involved” injuries, before even being charged with any crime. On Friday, July 30th, all those who stand against racist, classist, and transphobic police violence will gather at the precinct to demand justice for the victims of police violence and the resignation or firing of the officers responsible for the inhumane, life-threatening, and degrading treatment of our neighbors and friends. Call: Rally for Black Lives at Grand Army Plaza, 7pm, Friday, July 30th Demands: Fire Officer Christophe Messina #1448. Fire Officer Reinaldo Rodriguez #22946. Fire Officer Brendan Sullivan #1617. Fire Captain Tony Brown. Fire Captain Michael Sambriski. Disband the 77th Precinct, Defund the NYPD, Abolish Police & Prisons